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About company

Uniteh+ LTD is a developer and system integrator of the large corporate informative systems. We work at the ukrainian market from 1992. The long terms of exploitation of the developed and inculcated informative systems show that a company creates hi-tech software products and decisions which provide our clients effective work of the informative systems and enable to take maximally advantage of the digital world.

We cooperate with many business and state enterprises, government organizations in Ukraine, developing and inculcating the wide row of projects and programmatic-technical decisions for the different types of activity (financial, production, sale, business application) for them. Uniteh+ LTD successfully realized the row of projects of national value. We are ready to support and develop the realized projects. We are concentrated on the new technologies and effective decisions. Our experts have an unique experience of development, introduction and support. Thorough knowledge of programming languages, platforms, database management systems is a production obligation and high-quality guarantee. We turn the special attention on the testing of the software products. Our company always advance corporate standards.

Within the framework of the activity Uniteh+ provides the complete cycle of works: from services in the analysis of buisness-processes, informative streams and the consulting on their optimization to introduction and accompaniment of the corporate informative systems. Tasks which have to be decided by our specialists during implementation of these works are usually characterized the high degree of complication and compressed terms.

Uniteh+ LTD has the own commercial software products and 31 outsourcing projects. Our clients are Pension Fund of Ukraine (the biggest governmental pension fund in Ukraine), UkrPost (the biggest governmental national post operator), AO “Ukravto Ukrainskaya avtomobilnaya korporacziya” (the biggest motor-car producer in Ukraine), OAO “UkrRechFlot” (the biggest transport enterprise and the biggest ukrainian joint-stock company), banks, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (department of citizenship, immigration and registration of the natural person (foreign and national passports) and others.

We have a large experience of work with the wide spectrum of information technologies, so we are ready to collaborate in the new projects on development of programmatic-technical complexes.

Technologies and development tools:

  • Operating systems: Linux (United Linux, RedHat, SuSE), BSD, free BSD, Windows NT / 2003 / Vista;
  • Database management systems: Oracle, My SQL;
  • Programming languages: C, C++, Borland Delphi, PHP, Java Script, AJAX, Unix Shell, Perl;
  • Query languages: SQL, PL/SQL;
  • Programs of design and management projects: CA AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, CA AllFusion BPwin Business Process Modeler, MS Project;
  • Programs of testing and system control: Borland Silk Test, Mantis.

Main types of activity / Specialization

National scale projects:

  • central data warehouse of Pension Fund of Ukraine (Oracle, PHP);
  • regional level of the common register of insurers of Pension Fund of Ukraine;
  • monitoring system which trace the movement of the insurance payments reports of payers to Pension Fund of Ukraine which are sended via internet;
  • international postal exchange system for UkrPost (Oracle, Delphi);
  • system of accounting and printing of national and foreign passports.

Outsoursing projects:

  • system of planning and management of an enterprise;
  • automatic system of processing the international mail - Uniteh International postal exchange;
  • complex automation of business in the field of services – Salon+;
  • trade systems (record-keeping for a shop);
  • account system of patients, their moving and statistical accounting on a hospital.

Own commercial software products:

  • human resource management system - Uniteh Human Resource Management (Oracle, Delphi);
  • warehouse management system with web-access - Uniteh WMS (Oracle, PHP);
  • automatic accounting system of containers and packages - Uniteh Stock-taking Containers System (Oracle, Delphi);
  • system of the complex control after electronic communications Internet Office (MYSQL, PHP) which contain the following modules: StatHttp, StatMail, StatCall, StatNets, StatSite.

We offer the following services:

  • outsourcing – development of the software according to a customer demand;
  • supporting service;
  • teaching of the personnel.

We can execute the wide number of tasks. Our prices depend on specific skills. We want to find new clients, partners and local dealers.

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